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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ChrisTheHylian, May 23, 2016.

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  1. Hey everyone! Chris here with another auction!
    Today, I decided to not just auction one thing. So , below is a list of all the things I am auctioning (Yes, at once, so bids are expected to be higher)...
    • 1 ChrisTheHylian Head
    • 2 Emeralds
    • 64 Gold Nuggets
    • 4 Emerald Blocks
    • 1 Fire Charge
    • 7 Diamonds
    • 2 Golden Apples (gapples)
    • 5 Enchanted Golden Apples (Notch apples)
    • 7 Diamond Blocks
    • 2 Haunted Candies
    • 1 Headless Horseman Mask
    • 1 Cupid Bow
    • 40 Shiny Arrows
    • 7 Dragon Stone Fragments
    • 14 Dragon Stones
    • 35 Shiny Flesh
    • 58 Jack o' Lanterns
    • 20 Bookcases
    I expect the final bid to be fairly heavy, as I got many things here.

    Minimum/Maximum Bid Increase/Buyout Price/Starting Bid Maximum Increase: 50,000 Rupees Minimum Increase: 5,000 Rupees Buyout Price: N/A
    Starting Bid: 25,000 Rupees

    Auction Schedule
    Start: Mon. May 23rd; ~10:40p
    Finish: Fri. May 27th;12p

    When the bidding window is closed, I will give the winner access to a chest with the winnings on my first res. I expect ALL the pay at once. If you don't have the money, don't bid, even for giggles; its not funny for me or other bidders. To get to the chest with your winnings, head left (east) from res spawn, first building on the right! (I'll place directions just in case).

    Please, along with your bid, include a ":rolleyes:" emoji so that I know you read all this. Any comments without the emoji WILL NOT be counted, even if your in the lead. If you find out that your bid was disqualified, you may re-bid. NOTE: If your disqualified bid was out-bidded, and you wish to continue in the auction, please place a higher bid. Happy Bidding, and have fun! ;) -ChrisTheHylian - Iron Supporter
  2. I am sorry, but this auction is invalid. Please consider rereading the rules and posting another auction once you have the required amounts of these items. :)
    Also, I have reported the thread to be locked since it is invalid. :)
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  3. Whats wrong with it?
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  5. dragon stones may be auctioned off in a minimum quantity of 4 stones, so yeah, they'd be good / okay if they auctioned off the number of those that they did here :p.
  6. Thank you :)
  7. Also, may I add, you cannot disallow any bid because they did not include a ":)". This is against the rules. If someone would have bid on this and did not include a ":)", their bid would still be valid. This is just a note for future reference. :)
  8. Ah, sorry. I'll just remove it myself. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :D
  9. Due to reasons already stated by other players, this auction is invalid.

    Please visit auctionrules.emc.gs for details on both the minimum quantities required for an item to be auctioned validly in addition to rules regarding how to run an auction.

    Once reviewed, you are more than welcomed to post another auction that abides by the terms listed at the link.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.