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  1. Item: 1 Vanilla Dragon Egg [non original]
    Starting Bid: 500,000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increase: 10,000 rupees
    Auction End: 48 hours after final VALID bid
    Pickup: Mailed or on my residence [preference of winning bidder]
    Dragon Egg.png Look at that. Look how shiny it is. You know you want that shiny little purple crumpet of love.
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  2. 1,000,500
  3. am i right in saying this is 1 of the eggs that was not traded in for the new eggs ?
  4. No, this is an egg from an egg that was traded in.
  5. No you are not
  6. Todd_Vinton currently leading with 1,000,500! We can do better ;)
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  7. This is an illegal bump. Please bump only 3 hours after the last post. Thanks.
  8. grrr should I let the world know that I can bid... Yes I should :)
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  9. I doesn't get it. 1,150,000
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