[AUCTION] Unused Pot of Gold

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Pick your favourite gaming-wise.

Sony. 4 vote(s) 19.0%
Nintendo. 9 vote(s) 42.9%
Microsoft. 4 vote(s) 19.0%
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  1. Hi, it's me again!
    Here's another Pot O' Gold for your greedy pleasure! ;)

    Item: Pot of Gold (unused)
    Starting Bid: 5000 rupees.
    Minimum Bid Increments: 100 rupees.
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid.
    Pickup: item will be sent via mail after payment has been done.

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  2. 8k
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  3. 8.5k
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  4. 9k
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  5. 10k
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  6. 15k
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  7. 16k
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  8. This is going really well, bump! :)
    I wonder if dubchef or sam will get back into the action... ;)
  9. Bring up my post.
  10. screw it, 16,100r
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  11. 17k
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  12. nope sorry lol, im out ;) good luck though :)
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  13. Bump! :) Last month's pot was sold for 18k!
  14. 18k
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  15. 19k
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  16. Great! But will Nathan give up so easily? ;)
  17. You've won, slash14459! :)
    I have to go to some sports thing tomorrow, but if you make the payment (and perhaps remind me once) I'll be able to set up an access chest at either smp7 or smp8 (if you'd like either, I'll do 7) by the day after tomorrow.
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