[Auction] Underwater Beast Terminator Looting Pack

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by coffee_bullet, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. My Friends This is a BEAST Pack! Do Not Miss Out!

    Respiration III Protection IV
    Protection III Boots
    Protection IV Leggings
    Protection IV Chest-Plate

    Sharpness IV KnockBack II FireAspect II Looting III Diamond Sword
    4 Enchants BABY & Best Sword Possible! Worth Around 20k!

    Condition: Diamond & Unused
    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimal Bid Increase: 1r
    Ends 48 Hours after last bid

    PickUp Res 1004 SMP1, Chest Ready when Paid

    U better Bid or He will:


    U herd me!
  2. Sorry That was mean 5k!
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  3. TerryDaTerrorist Is in the Lead! with 5k
  4. ClickzzHD is in the lead with 6k. Don't let him get away with this!
  5. let's get down to business...10k
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  6. i like your style my friend
    Jaari is in the lead with 10k!
  7. Come peoples
    the muscle guy is going to eat all the pokemon if u don't bid
    and this is worth over 30k!
  8. "Worth Around 20k!"

  9. The sword it self is around 20k .
    I bid 12k
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  10. :)[/quote]
    i meant the sword by itself
  11. u beast!
  12. i meant the sword by itself[/quote]
    ohh thought the whole package :p
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  13. okay okay 13.5k
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  14. U legend!
  15. it's doing weird things with replying :p
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  16. 15k
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  17. 17k
    come at me boy/girls
    i m legend at auctions!
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  18. 20k
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