[AUCTION] un-used bow power 2 ench

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  1. yes, im auctioning a power 2 bow,and i m giving a gift of a stack of arrows for free, auction ends after 4 hours of last bid have a nice day

    starting bid 50r

    min increase 50r
  2. This is not a real auction you need to say what the starting bid is and the minimum bid increase
  3. well i left it up to teh bid ers
  4. You can't it's the rules
  5. okay u won, i ll put up a chest on my res(smp3) for you to get it anytime
  6. Also next time put this in the auction section of the forums and read the directions and rules about setting up an auction so you can add everything people need to know about an auction.
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  7. Where is it?
  8. technical dificultyes puttin it up as i can
  9. W
    where is ist?
  10. strange i set the chest up yesterday and now it was gone, rollack probably
  11. Lolwut? You can't set up a chest at spawn... You have to set it up at your plot.
  12. "okay u won, i ll put up a chest on my res(smp3) for you to get it anytime"
    i think you should read it genius
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  13. I picked them up, thanks:) I will always take them with me when going to town:p Accidentally shoot one time already
  14. well for me they still appear to be in the chest