Auction: Two Diamond lvl 49 Enchanted Pick Axes --- Hardly Used

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  1. lol
  2. 3 hours to go people, don't forget to bid on this wonderful grab!
  3. mr, don't tell people at the 30 min mark or people will bid at 11 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds...
  4. Last warning then, from this post onwards, there is 1 hour 15 mins left
  5. Sold to NurglesRott for 30K, nurgles once you have paid the money I will set up a chest for you on smp4 res 8011 :)
  6. Thanks Mr. I'll be by to pay and collect them shortly. :)
  7. Hey I'll be on for the next few hrs so hit me up if you get on.
  8. Hi nurgles, I am going to trust you with this, I have made an access chest for you even tho the payment hasn't come through. I only ask you follow through with the payment once you got the picks :)

    Its on res 8011, smp4 :)
  9. No problem... I will come by in a minute! Thanks!
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  10. Thanks man, got the money :)
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