Auction: Two Diamond lvl 49 Enchanted Pick Axes --- Hardly Used

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  1. I have got two hardly used lvl 49 enchanted diamond pick axes up for auction :)

    The picks are:

    1) Diamond Pickaxe --- Unbreaking III Fortune III
    2) Diamond Pickaxe --- Fortune III Efficiency IV

    * Bidding ends 12 hours after the last valid bid
    * A collection chest will be set up once auction closes, winner of auction will be notified via PM.
    * Any UN-paid items or excessive delays can and will result in exclusion from future auctions
    * The reserve price will be stated as the "Starting Price" as listed. Any bids below that price will not be considered. RESERVE PRICE: R18000

    * The following incremental bidding guild lines must be followed for all bids to be valid. Please reference the item price with the available bidding options.
    Item Price Range ||| Valid bid increase
    1r - 999r ||| 5r+ increment
    1000r - 2,000r ||| 100r+ increment
    2,001r - 10,000r ||| 500r+ increment
    10,001r - 50,000r ||| 1,000r+ increment
    50,001r + ||| 5,000r+ increment

    This is a big grab! Two picks in one auction!



  2. I see your 1 and raise you to 2r. :)
  3. 15k
    nvm...rules have changed...
  4. Bidding stands at 15k held by Leowaste
  5. Well. I was out at 2r XD
  6. Guys, didn't realise these go for so much, reserve now stands at 18k
  7. ok
  8. To be honest, I didn't have the 2r anyway! I was hoping someone would out bid me...
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  9. LOL sorry smooch, placed this before I read how nice you were to me on the other auction, or I would have let you keep em! :p
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  10. NO!
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  11. Free!

  12. Its all good, they are worth that and more. I knew i probably wouldnt get em. Especially with you in the bid lol.
  13. Auction bidding stands at 30k, led by NurglesRott :)
  14. Auction will end in 10 hours.

    Reason for extension: Going out to the movies :)