Auction-three enhanced diamond pick axes!

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  1. Sold by zbalda97 on smp4, adress: 8917

    DESCRIPTION: Three different diamond pick axes "1. efficiency I" "2. unbreaking I" "3. unbreaking I"

    RULES: starting bid must be 100r
    new bid must be at least 10r more than the last bid
    the bid ends 24hours after the last bid
    after i am paid i will set up a chest for the bid winner to pick up his/her stuff
    scams for any player can result in banding
    thank you!
  2. Also, if i wasn't clear enough the winner gets all three pick axes.
  3. i think it's to much money :s you can get that enchantments with lvl 1
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  4. sry, i meant to say starting bid 100r. typo. i lowered it
  5. 200 each and I bid for all of them
  6. Oh 200 then and will you make a buyout
  7. sure ill make a buy out skillz. how about 900r?
  8. 210r
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  9. 500r for the lot of them
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  10. a new member :)
  11. i maybe new but i have enough to bid in this auction
  12. You start out with 1,500r so sure

    Let him have it guys
  13. if brennain sk1llz0fapr0 and dubzy agree to let lightgear456 have it for 500 ill cut the bid short so he can have it sooner.
  14. the winner is lightgear456. now we need to arrange a time for u to pick it up! when will u be on?
  15. i will be on now for about 30mins
  16. sorry, i wasn't on then. I can get on 7:00pm est tonight, would that work for you?