[Auction] Three Enchanted Books

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  1. Three Enchanted Books
    Starting Bid: 1000
    Min Bid Increase: 100
    Auction Will End 48 after last bid
    Pick up: 1789
    #1 Protection 3 Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 3 Bane of Arthropods 4

    #2 Protection 3 Smite 3 Power 3

    #3 Unbreaking 3 Punch 2 Efficiency 4
  2. Is this a valid Auction? I thought items had to be in Double Chest quantities?
  3. its valid cause its a rare item
  4. these books are not labeled as rare items. they must be auctioned off in dc quantities
  5. Enchanted Items
  6. Look at the auction enchanted items can be auctioned off i any quantity
  7. This is valid
  8. This auction is valid.

    Enchanted Items
    Enchanted Items can be auctioned off individually, or in any quantity. You may mix multiple types of enchants/tools. You must list every item's enchantments, including enchantment name, and level, and they all must have full durability.

    A full list of auction rules can be found here

    Happy auctioning. :)
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  9. I guess you're having as hard a time getting unbreaking 3 as me?
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