[Auction] Three Double Chests of Level 30 Enchanted Books + Promos

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  1. -----Items
    • 165 (3 DCs + 3 extras) level 30 enchanted books
    • One 2014 Birthday Cake
    • One Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Starting Bid: Free
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ends 48 hours after the final bid
    1. Unbreaking III
    2. Protection III, Silk Touch I, Power IV
    3. Unbreaking III, Fire Protection III
    4. Sharpness III
    5. Power IV
    6. Power IV
    7. Protection III
    8. Protection III, Sharpness III
    9. Power III
    10. Protection III, Infinity I, Thorns II, Lure III
    11. Efficiency III, Projectile Protection IV
    12. Protection III
    13. Smite IV, Efficiency IV, Aqua Affinity I
    14. Protection III
    15. Feather Falling IV, Blast Protection IV, Looting II
    16. Sharpness III, Power III
    17. Flame I, Power IV
    18. Fire Protection III, Power IV
    19. Efficiency III
    20. Fire Protection III, Bane of Athropods III, Power III
    21. Protection III, Sharpness III
    22. Infinity I, Silk Touch I
    23. Efficiency III
    24. Smite IV, Feather Falling IV
    25. Unbreaking III, Sharpness III
    26. Bane of Arthropods IV, Respiration III
    27. Knockback II
    28. Protection IV, Respiration III, Luck of The Sea III
    29. Sharpness III, Feather Falling IV
    30. Silk Touch I
    31. Unbreaking III
    32. Fortune II, Feather Falling IV
    33. Protection III
    34. Unbreaking III, Fire Protection IV
    35. Sharpness III, Power IV
    36. Protection III, Sharpness III
    37. Bane of Arthropods IV
    38. Protection IV
    39. Bane of Arthropods IV, Power III
    40. Sharpness III, Efficiency III
    41. Efficiency IV
    42. Unbreaking III, Knockback II
    43. Sharpness III, Knockback II
    44. Fortune II
    45. Efficiency IV, Feather Falling IV
    46. Punch II, Bane of Arthropods IV, Aqua Affinity I
    47. Flame I, Projectile Protection IV
    48. Protection III, Power IV
    49. Power III, Lure II, Luck of The Sea II
    50. Knockback II, Bane of Arthropods IV, Looting III
    51. Fortune II, Knockback II, Luck of The Sea II
    52. Efficiency IV, Thorns II
    53. Sharpness IV
    54. Unbreaking III, Fire Protection III, Power IV, Aqua Affinity I

    1. Knockback II
    2. Power III
    3. Protection III, sharpness III, knockback II
    4. Smite IV, Projectile Protection IV
    5. Looting II
    6. Projectile Protection IV, fire aspect II
    7. Efficiency IV, Power IV
    8. Efficiency IV, bane of arthropods IV
    9. Bane of arthropods IV, Projectile Protection IV
    10. Bane of arthropods IV, Aqua Affinity I
    11. Aqua Affinity I
    12. Punch I, efficiency IV, projectile protection IV
    13. Sharpness III
    14. Looting II
    15. Efficiency III, Projectile Protection IV, Luck of the sea II
    16. Aqua affinity I
    17. Aqua affinity I
    18. Protection III
    19. Power IV, Projectile protection IV
    20. Fire protection IV
    21. Protection III, efficiency III
    22. Infinity I
    23. Power IV
    24. Fortune II
    25. Feather Falling IV
    26. Smite IV
    27. Sharpness III
    28. Fire aspect I
    29. Protection IV, efficiency IV
    30. Smite IV, fire protection III
    31. Unbreaking III, sharpness III, knockback II
    32. Efficiency IV
    33. Fire protection III
    34. Fortune III, efficiency IV
    35. Smite IV, knockback II, Power III
    36. Smite IV, unbreaking III
    37. Knockback II, feather falling IV, bane of arthropods IV
    38. Smite IV
    39. Sharpness III, efficiency III
    40. Fortune II, fire protection III, Efficiency III, bane of arthropods IV
    41. Knockback II
    42. Bane of arthropods IV
    43. Efficiency IV, Power IV
    44. Sharpness IV, efficiency IV
    45. Projectile Protection IV
    46. Sharpness III, knockback II, feather falling IV, fire aspect II
    47. Protection IV
    48. Sharpness IV
    49. Protection II
    50. Efficiency III
    51. Unbreaking III
    52. Efficiency IV, Bane of arthropods IV
    53. Sharpness III, blast protection IV
    54. Unbreaking III, fire protection III, knockback II

    1. Efficiency IV, Bane of Arthropods IV, Projectile Protection IV
    2. Fire Aspect II
    3. Fortune III, Sharpness III, Aqua Affinity I
    4. Sharpness III
    5. Sharpness IV, Power IV, Blast Protection IV
    6. Unbreaking III, Knockback II, Protectile Protection IV
    7. Power III
    8. Fire Protection III, Sharpness III, Power IV, Thorns II
    9. Aqua Affinity
    10. Protection III, Infinity I, Knockback II
    11. Sharpness III
    12. Smite IV, Punch II, Lure III
    13. Protection III, Silk Touch I
    14. Power IV
    15. Unbreaking III
    16. Sharpness III, Efficiency III, Feather Falling IV
    17. Efficiency IV, Power IV
    18. Bane of Arthropods IV
    19. Efficiency IV, Projectile Protection IV
    20. Knockback II
    21. Bane of Arthropods IV
    22. Power III, Fire Aspect I
    23. Protection III
    24. Punch II, Efficiency IV
    25. Looting II, Fire Aspect II
    26. Power IV, Respiration III
    27. Smite III
    28. Protection III, Efficiency IV, Power IV
    29. Fortune II, Feather Falling IV, Bane of Arthropods III
    30. Smite IV, Projectile Protection IV
    31. Smite IV, Power IV, Projectile Protection IV
    32. Unbreaking III, Flame I
    33. Knockback II, Bane of Arthropods IV
    34. Protection III, Respiration III
    35. Fortune III, Efficiency IV
    36. Smite IV, Fire Protection III, Aqua Affinity I
    37. Power IV
    38. Unbreaking III
    39. Smite IV, Knockback II
    40. Efficiency IV
    41. Feather Falling IV, Power III, Projectile Protection IV
    42. Sharpness III, Fire Protection III
    43. Unbreaking III, Sharpness III
    44. Sharpness III
    45. Flame I, Efficiency III, Power III
    46. Fire Protection III, Efficiency III, Bane of Arthropods IV
    47. Protection III, Knockback II
    48. Protection III, Sharpness III
    49. Unbreaking III, Flame I, Punch I
    50. Power IV, Projectile Protection IV
    51. Respiration II, Aqua Affinity I
    52. Efficiency IV
    53. Protection IV, Sharpness IV
    54. Flame I, Feather Falling IV
    55. Power III
    56. Blast Protection IV
    57. Feather Falling IV

  2. 35k.
    If I end up winning, it could be close to a month before I can pick it up. I don't know.
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  3. man why does everyone notice this stuff before i do???
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  4. Illegal bump ^

  5. That's not an illegal bump. An illegal bump would be if the owner bumps before 3 hours are up, or if someone bumps it for the owner. dngirl34 did neither of these, he/she was just commenting on the auction.
  6. oh right, if other people comment, it's not an illegal bump lol. :p

  7. Well, comments like that are only legal if they're on-topic. Not something like "I LIKE KITTIES!!!"
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  8. I wonder how long it took you to get all this...
  9. Things like this are illegal to post in an auction. Please read the rules at http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-auction-rules-read-before-posting.42009/
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  10. Lol. ohkay 58k
  11. this is mine 65k
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