[Auction] The Ultimate Rares and Promo Pack! Over 30 Items! + More!

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  1. Items:
    6 sets up Starter Iron Armour
    3 Labor day workbenches
    3 Turkey Slicers
    1 Holiday Pick
    5 Haunted Heads
    1 Un-Used Rudolp
    1 Used Rudolph (Brown None - 120% Speed - 95% Jump - 30.00hp)
    1 Un-Used Valens
    1 Everlasting Axestopper
    2 ICC Birthday Vouchers
    6 2013 Empire Firework New Years
    1 Cactus Pants
    2 Protection IV Books
    5 Double Chests of Sugar Cane!

    Starting Bid:
    100,000 Rupees.

    Minimum Bid Increments:

    5,000 Rupees.


    48 Hours after last valid Bid

    Drop off / pickup arranged with winner.

    Do not complain about starting bid, it is super cheap starting bid, and should go for a lot more then it. Thanks.

    Disclaimer: If not picked up within 5 days I have the full right the re - Auction it. I will pay you your money back if so.

    Happy Bidding :D
  2. Invalid bid
  3. ah kk, thought i saw 100r for some reason
  4. 125k BoohYa!
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  5. As noted
    this is an invalid bid, therefore Highlancer54 is winning with
    (Please note, this is not a bump, just a clarification)
  6. At least 200k worth of stuff here! 130k
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  7. Bump! Who really wants this!? Worth a lot more then 130k!
  8. (Not a bump)

    If a staff can tell me, am I allowed to take away 1 Turkey Slicer, as due to lag, my slicer got damaged by 1 durability, whats the ruling to this?
  9. Never mind, I have got another one.
  10. Bump before I get ready for my 10:45pm runs and workouts! :D
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  11. Come at me 135k
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  12. Don't let Haro steal this away!

    @#Bump :D


    Oh... :rolleyes:
  13. Bump! Lets increase this total shall we? ;)
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