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  1. Here we are with my next big Auction


    This package of stuffs is All farming Related, and what is in it, You ask, Well then I shall provide you with that Information

    Inside this package, there is

    1 DC of Pumpkins
    1 DC of Carrots
    1 DC of Potatoes
    2 DCs of Wheat
    2 DC's of Wheat Seeds
    2 DCs of Melon Slices
    1 DC of Sugar Cane
    1 DC of Stone Hoes
    1 Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Efficiency V Diamond Axe
    PRO TIP: Fortune Increases the Amount of Seeds, Carrots, and Potatoes harvested from Crops, and Breaking Crops also does not use Durability, Fortune also Increases the chances of Sapling being dropped from Leaves if you Break them with a Tool, however, this does cost Durability

    Item: All that I listed Up there
    Starting Bid: 3000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction ends 48 hours after last valid bid.

    Happy Bidding!
  2. You need an ending time. ;)
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  3. Oh, Forgot, :p, can a Mod add that the Ending time is 48 hours after last Valid bid
  4. Pickup Location?

  5. 3932 on SMP2
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  6. 15k*
    Sorry for the double-post.
  7. My bid is invalid my shop sold items and I don't have enough r at the moment
  8. You have to stick to it unless someone outbids you.
    So....16k :)
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