[Auction] The Enchantment package!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by SuperVal_Junior, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Items: Fortune 3 Pick
    Silk touch, eff 4 unbreak 3 Pick
    Smite 3 Sword
    Power 1 bow x2 [ with 2 stacks of arrows]
    Projectile Protection 3 chestplate
    Protection 1 Legging
    Protection 1 Pants
    Protection 1 Helmet

    Starting bid: 11k
    Minimum bid Increment: 500rupees

    auction ends 24 hours after the last bidder!
  2. Your bid amount is the same as last time, with the same enchants. Why new thread?
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  3. Make it 8k
  4. 5k. 11k is too much to ask of people with not as much money. BTW, the enchantments range from the nooby level one armor to the awesome sauce silk touch. Maybe you just not bundle and have people bid on separate items..

    5k + starting bids drive away potential buyers.
  5. cause the people who are bidding wont need to scroll all the way down. And besides there are too many... idk just starting a new one
  6. Yea that what i was suppose to do but they wanted me to keep the auction up since someone has already bid
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  8. ... really...
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  9. You can't do that. You don't really know too much on auctions.
  10. You cannot do that. Once started, it runs till it runs.
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  11. u cant just close something without out permission from a mod

    edit: rob keeps beating to the post
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  12. ITS NOT CLOSED YET......
  13. fine. the things are not for auction anymore. i just going to split them up and sell them.
  14. Its not closed and you dont have the power to do that sir.
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  15. As a side note, if the auctioneer continues to break the rules he could possibly have his auction(s) cancelled and get themselves banned from the auctions.
  16. He just messed up both of his threads, and his reliability as an auctioneer. We should just let these die out.

    Let this be a lesson, don't make THE SAME THREAD right after because "people don't want to scroll down". Also, your pricing is way off.
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  17. We need a moderator up in here.....
  18. Sorry kid, I am the Auction King, I know what I'm talking about.
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