[AUCTION] The 3 Remaining DC's of Melon Slices (Set #4)

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  1. Hey EMCers! It's rburke5786, the Dark Angel of smp5. Welcome to my 33rd auction!

    This is the last of the auctions in the 3 DC's of Melon Slices series. Before I had 12 DC's of Melon Slices that I needed to get outta my feathers :confused:, I'm now down to these last 3, but I'll betcha I'll have more I'll have to get outta my feathers soon :confused:. Anyways, I'm not expecting big $$$ so if you take em' for free that's fine with me. ;)

    Item: 3 DC's of Melon Slices
    Minimum Start Bid: 0r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 5r
    Auction Ending Time: Sunday, October 9th @ 12:00 PM CDT (1:00 PM EMC Time)

    Auction Pickup Information: Use command "/v 10225 auction2" while connected to my home server (smp5). Per shop policy I require payment first before access signs are setup. When payment is received I'll post here again when the access signs are setup. Delivery is offered for free to any server, but you need to give me instructions on how to get to the drop off location.
  2. 0r
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  3. 5r
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  4. In that case, I think I'll have to bid :cool:
    100r :)
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  5. 105r
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  6. 115r
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  7. Auction Closed

    Victory goes to TomvanWijnen with 120r!

    Thanks to everyone for your participation and I'll likely have more melon slices soon, you can always buy some more melon slices at "/v 10225 bulkbuying".
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  8. Payment sent, will pickup tomorrow, thanks! :)
  9. Picked up, thanks! :)