[Auction] TEH enchatment Frenzy

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  1. For this Auction i have These's things
    Unbreaking III
    Fortune III
    Eff. IV

    Unbreaking III
    Eff. IV

    Eff. III

    Sharpness III
    KnockBack II
    Looting III
    FireAspect II

    Power III *2
    Protection III *2
    Procection II
    Unbreaking III*2

    Starting Bid: 3000
    Minimum Bid: Increasements 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 3 Days After last VALID bid
  2. Is this allowed? I think it has to be one item or one double chest of items.
  3. The enchanted items are, but I'm not sure about the books being with the items.
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  4. But isnt an enchanted book enchanted? :p

    Also, are those tools iron? If so you should probably say that they are iron because thats kinda misleading.
    Almost said 3k and then I realized.
  5. What server are these items on?
  6. Also i made sure this was a valid Auction by asking before putting this up to Krysyy
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  7. *Auction Closed* Lol i forgot to add the Bow and the Leggings Woops D:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.