[AUCTION] Super Dragon Poop

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Mirr0rr, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. 1 Super Dragon Poop
    Bidding starts at: 25k (25,000r)
    Minimum bid increase: 500r
    Auction ends: 24 hours after last valid bid.

    Pick up will be at 1577 on smp1 or mailed to you for a 50r fee.
  2. Bumppppp
  3. 25k
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  4. 26k
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  5. I do believe the auction has already finished. I'll wait for official confirmation however.
  6. It is finished. It finished 10:54 this morning.
  7. Or 4:54 this afternoon ;)
  8. Whoops forgot I put 24 hours instead of my usual 36. Once payment is made I will set up a chest for you at 1577
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  9. I will pay as soon as possible. Could you please mail? I will pay the extra 50r.
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  10. Yep
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.