[Auction] Super Auction! Promo Items, Beacons, Enchants, Ores, Armour + Many More Awesome Items! :0

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  1. This Auction is a Super Auction!


    1 Double Chest of Lava Buckets
    2 Labor Day Workbenches
    2 Haunted Heads (Halloween Promo)
    2 Beacons
    5 Double Chests of Sugar Cane
    Double Chest of Shears
    Double Chest of Speed I Extended Potions (8 Minute)
    Double Chest of Fire Resistance Extended Potions (8 Minute)
    17 Unbreaking III Power III Enchanted Bows
    7 Fire Aspect I Enchanted Books
    20 Infinity I Enchanted Books

    1 Unbreaking III Enchanted Book

    1 Efficiency II Silk Touch I Diamond Pick Axe
    1 Effciency IV Silk Touch I Unbreaking III Diamond Pick Axe
    1 Sharpness III Diamond Sword
    2 Sharpness III Knockback II Diamond Sword
    1 Fire Aspect I Diamond Sword
    1 Knockback II Bane of Athropods IV Diamond Sword
    1 Sharpness IV Knockback II Diamond Sword
    1 Sharpness IV Knockback II Fire Aspect II Diamond Sword
    7 Silk Touch I enchanted Books
    2 Gold Horse Armour | 3 Diamond Horse Armour
    5 Name Tags

    Double Chest of Iron Ingots (6 Stacks of Iron Blocks)
    Double Chest of Coal (6 stacks of Coal Blocks)

    13 Awesome Horses

    Horse 1:
    Description: Gray None
    Speed: 121.71%
    Jump: 74.40%
    HP: 19.85

    Horse 2:
    Description: White White Dots
    Speed: 85.36%
    Jump: 63.65%
    HP: 24.14

    Horse 3:
    Description: Black None
    Speed: 115.63%
    Jump: 73.91%
    HP: 21.00

    Horse 4:
    Description: Creamy None
    Speed: 122.49%
    Jump: 68.30%
    HP: 23.11

    Horse 5:
    Description: Gray None
    Speed: 122.15%
    Jump: 66.91%
    HP: 20.18

    Horse 6:
    Description: Dark Brown Whitefield
    Speed: 122.53%
    Jump: 79.08%
    HP: 23.33

    Horse 7:
    Description: Creamy Whitefield
    Speed: 123.12%
    Jump: 71.19%
    HP: 24.00

    Horse 8:
    Description: Gray None
    Speed: 121.46%
    Jump: 71.20%
    HP: 22.78

    Horse 9:
    Description: Chestnut White
    Speed: 101.71%
    Jump: 69.13%
    HP: 22.60

    Horse 10:
    Description: Dark Brown White Dots
    Speed: 121.30%
    Jump: 68.00
    HP: 24.00

    Horse 11:
    Description: Black None
    Speed: 75.54%
    Jump: 71.38%
    HP: 22.36

    Horse 12:
    Description: Dark Brown Whitefield
    Speed: 100.30%
    Jump: 73.27%
    HP: 29.00

    Horse 13:
    Description: White White Dots
    Speed: 102.37%
    Jump: 66.32%
    HP: 28.67

    Starting Bid Will Be: 50,000 Rupees, Which is Super Cheap!
    Minimum Bid Increments: No baby stuff, 5k per Increment! Crank it!
    Ending: 48 Hours after last Valid Bid!
    Pick will be 15177 Smp7. If not collected Within 7 days and you have paid, they are mine to keep. Thank you :D
    Lets get it started babyyyyy

    Note: I prefer no splits, but if you must, please organize it through PM's and not in this thread thanks!

    Have a great day and spend Plenty Of money :D
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  2. Time to get my Bump on! To give you an idea, these Labor Day benches, around 9k each, x2 = 18k. Haunted Heads I have sold for 20k, just these alone = 58k. With the Beacons that 78k. Now im not great at maths, but the other stuff combines = probably 150k at a cheap price. This should be going for more then 200k easily!

    Lets go people, get yo bid on!
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  3. Seriously Bump!
  4. 60k
    sorry to see you go
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  5. Ending it with a 54DC of Iron and 54 Beacon Auction though :) *Not a Bump!*
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  6. Get some of that Bump Action going :D
  7. Super Bump for a Super Auction, all funds going into Iron Farms, Donatio Gons for Malls and my Going Away HUGE give away :)
  8. 65k
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  9. 75K
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  10. Give this a bump!
  11. Bummppppppp lets go all out here guys, not little 5k increments XD Whos gunna pull out the big guns, and make everybody respect their authorityyyy
  12. Bump! Like 1/4 of this is worth 80k!
  13. BUMP! 20 hours left. Don't let Antecedency steal this one for only 80k!!! :0

    Note: I already have 10 Beacons :p
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