Auction Suggestions for new players?

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  1. I've done some digging in the Auctions and of course there are a lot of bidding wars for promos but I'm looking for some advice for new players who don't have promos and don't have the cash to buy and flip them.

    So besides promos, what are people generally looking for in Auctions? What are some of the most in demand items? What do you want?

    I can say from personal experience, except for the generosity of another member, I totally over-estimated the market for my first auction (DC of tier I-II enchanted bows) and I'm trying to avoid that in the future.
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  2. My first auction was a dc of glass and i got 10k for it. then i went on to auction dcs of cobble or stone. and they netted 2-6k per.

    For someone new looking to get into the auction world I always suggest The basic items we all need all the time. Cobble, Stone, Sand, Glass, Wool, Potions.

    People with bankrolls dont feel like collecting these items and would rather just buy them.

    That's my 2 rupees worth
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  3. /rpay effinbatman 2

    I agree with effinbatman. Those auctions are the ones I watch for! I don't want to mine a dc of ten if I can just pay 5k and get it!
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  4. Anything you mine in the Empire is worth money. So, if you just collect more of it, you should be able to get some good money for a DC of the items.
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  5. Yes but you have to consider turn over rate also. Personally I will buy any dc of cobble at any time for about 1.5k and stone for about 2.5. I know there are other who pay more but not need as many. I like to keep 50dcs on hand of each.

    So sometimes the cheaper easy to get items will sell faster and for more money then say a DC of harder to get items.
  6. Also keep the luck of the draw in mind. Sometimes it's pure luck to sell something (or not).

    In game example: I made a small bet (all fun) with someone that my semi-automated farm would get me a DC of potatoes sooner then them. I lost the bet ;) We both ended up with a DC of potatoes & sugar cane.

    So then we started a new bet: who would sell their sugar cane quicker and get the most for it. Because my friends auction didn't got any bids at all I pointed someone to her auction after he had already bought my sugar cane and told me he wanted more.

    Resulting in my friend selling her DC at twice the price I sold it for :eek:

    Pure luck of the draw.

    SO yah, it's a bit of both. Selling what people want but also when people want it. I do know that wood is always in good demand (especially logs), brick blocks sometimes (depending on the price), and regular items in general.
  7. :eek:

    And here I thought I had a bulk storage :D I'm so much going to peek at your residence(s) sometime ;)
  8. Brew up some potions of night vision and water breathing and grab a good helmet (voters helmet is preferable) and some depth strider boots and head to a swamp biome. Mine all the clay you can. Make sure to get at least 4 double chests of clay balls. Smelt them, craft them into brick blocks, and auction them for an easy 70k+.

    I'd also recommend doing some speed mining - Haste II beacon with an Efficiency V Unbreaking III Fortune III pick. It may take a while, but auctioning off the double chests of redstone and coal and selling the diamonds can be a good way to earn some rupees. You'll also get a crazy amount of stone (try to mine stone with a Silk Touch pick and the ores with a Fortune one...) which is really good to auction.
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  9. Great suggestions and advice from everyone! Thanks! If anyone else has any words of wisdom to pitch in, feel free to add.
  10. Quartz & obsidian
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  11. I find enchanted stuff sells for quite a bit more than you buy it for
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  12. Well, I do have like tons of ideas.. here we go:
    • Sell Enchanted Stuff
    • Gems
    • Heads
    • Rare Things
    • Signatures
    • Materials
    • Decorative Blocks/Items
    • Prizes won from other places
    Well, thats what I've got :p
  13. Sell items that seem to go out of stock often, I know as of a few days ago just about every large shop was out of any and all wool
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  14. What I like to do is get a DC of something easy to get. If you go into the waste you can get a DC of sand fast without going far from spawn. I also get things like diorite and granite because no one mines them even close to spawn.
  15. I want 1 to 8 DCs of oak wood at 120r per stack :)
  16. Since 1.8 is a more recent EMC update, all 1.8 items are in relatively high demand.
  17. try to work out a system that the gaps are filled in. For example:
    Cut down trees and put the logs into a furnace, that makes coal.

    Mine sand and cobblestone, smelt it into sand and stone. While those are cooking:

    Go mine clay from swamp biomes. Take water breathing if you want, I prefer to use Aqua Affinity (faster mining speed underwater) and do bounce dives to maintain air.

    Go back home and swap out your glass and stone. Make a lot of furnaces, because more furnaces means more cooking.

    Make a brewing machine. It's very simple to create, using a few hoppers and redstone. Make sure it runs non stop, feeding potions into a chest. Choose a potion that the materials are relatively easy to get. I recommend fire resistance, sing blaze rods.

    Now, you can make glass and stone, clay, and fire resist pots. Either sell the pots, or use them to fearlessly wander the nether searching for glowstone, quartz, and spawners to make farms.

    You can also breed a stack of cows on your res, when your ent count hits 100, kill about 30 using a looting sword and breed the remaining 60. A wheat farm helps with this, and they can be made automatically now. Semi auto is easier, and I prefer it, but that's your call.

    Stay busy, and have enough stuff going on at once that you always have finished goods waiting for you. Then, send up auctions.

    Auction Friday morning, and bump when you wake up and before you go to bed. That way, you'll catch people in other time zones.

    One last trick I used when I was making leather in 1.7, when an auction closes, if you have more that the required amount (say you were selling one DC and you have three DCs in storage), message the second and third place bidders, offering to sell them a DC for their bid amount. It saves you a ton of auction time, and I could get 70k in a few days from selling three DCs of leather.

    ...I SO miss my cow machine...