[Auction] Slime Pack

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  1. 18 1/2stacks of slimeballs
    1 stack of thread
    3 stacks of Blaze rods
    Bow (Punch I Power II)
    Diamond Sword (Fire Aspect II)
    Music Discs 13 and cat

    Minimum bid:5k
    Maximum bid rate: 1k
    Ends: 48 hours after last bid...

    If I messed up, this is my first auction so....
  2. Actually, I kindof made a mistake on that bid...please someone counter! If they say 8k is that ok?
  3. C'mon! Anyone?
  4. I was only trying to bump this thread(auction)! C'mon someone!
  5. C'mon! Anyone?
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  6. No duplicating bids!
  7. I like to play with bids sometimes. 11k
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  8. Thank you!!
  9. Maybe next time you shouldn't spam... :\
  10. Getting a little off topic here... any1 for 12k
  11. Some changes to the items!

    23 1/2 stacks of slimeballs
    13 and cat disccs
    Fire Aspect II diamond sword
    1 1/2 stack of thread
    3 1/2 stacks of blaze rods
    Pick Unbreaking III diamond
    Bow Power II punch I
    Bow Power I
    2 stacks of arrows
    5 stacks of melon
    1 stack (not 16, 64) of snowballs (good for parties and killing blazes)
    1 stack of books
    2 strengh potions (8:00)
    1 regeneration potion (8:00)
    1 stack of bread
    1 stack of redstone
    1 stack of coal
    Protection IV iron chestplate
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.