[AUCTION] Silk Touch Shears

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  1. Item: Silk Touch 1 Shears
    Starting bid: 500r
    Minimum Increments: 50r
    Auction End Time: 12 hours after final bid
    Pickup at SMP3, 6189 at the small building with the Enchanting table in the top of it.
  2. is it a double chest amount or normal chest amount or just 1 shear
  3. I think its just one, Shears are named shears so Iknow why you are confused :D
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  4. I would like some bids please...
  5. 500,-
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  6. No one wants to go get those cob webs? I saw one of these go for 4k!
  7. Night bump.
  8. To cobweb, or not to cobweb
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  9. That is the question.
  10. Now all we need is the answer....
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  11. Morning bump.
  12. 1 hour until zombieslayer wins!
  13. I was all psyched about this too, but then I learned that they sell Cob Webs at the EMC shop for like 14r ea. EMC being a buzz-kill, again.
  14. Zombieslayer wins! Please come to 6189 after you have paid to claim your shears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.