[AUCTION] Silk Touch I, Unbreak III, Efficiency IV

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  1. Description: 1 Diamond Pickaxe (Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV)
    Condition: Used on one block, basically brand new
    Starting bid: 5000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: 500 rupees
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last bid
  2. 621op currently in the lead with 5k
  3. 12 more hours left, still enough time for someone to go for a steal!
  4. Silken currently in the lead with 5.5k!
  5. How did you pay all your debt back?!:eek:
  7. Calm the caps, be nice, and use correct English:) Also, i pointed that out because you have a history of not paying for things you bid on/buy:)
  8. Well it isn't your business sir so stay out of it :)
  9. Deal:)
  10. I do not quite understand what you two are arguing about, but back on topic, Silken is still currently in the lead with 5.5k!
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  11. :D looks like I won the bid contact me for payment and pick up of the pickaxe
  12. Paid :D I will come and pick it up soon let me know on here when its ready for me.
  13. the pick is ready just go to my res on smp4 8355 and use the auction winners tele, theres a chest in the room that you can access for the pick
  14. Nice tnx Dew
  15. No problem, pleasure doing business with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.