Auction: Silk Touch I, Efficiency IV Diamond Pickax

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  1. * Minimum bid: 2500 rupees
    * Minimum bid increment: 100 rupees (optional)
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * You must collect the item from my lot - I will set up a chest for you
    * Non-payment or messing me around will result in exclusion from further auctions
    * Rupees only! I will not trade for diamonds or anything else.
    * All items are unused unless otherwise stated
  2. Never gona happen but I bid 4500r all I have :D
  3. shaun can we bid 2getha? plz
  4. Its beyond my price range right now. 8.5k was as high as i was going :)
  5. We Could Bid 6k togetha?
  6. go on. i'll throw in a free gourd.
  7. hello
  8. wana bid on my music disc chest and diamond pick efficiantcy 3 and unbreking 3
  9. ok, if there's no other bids by 1:32am it will be over. i'm going to sleep now, so please excuse me if i don't call it the minute it's over :)

    edit: 1:32am my time :)
  10. ok awtharok you win !

    once payment is made i'll set up a chest for you to collect on my lot in utopia :)
  11. good work!
  12. dang i was about to offer 11k