[AUCTION] SC of Enchanted Books

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  1. Items:

    - Efficency IV x1
    - Blast Protection IV x2
    - Protection III x3
    - Unbreaking III x2
    - Silk Touch I x3
    - Power IV x2
    - Sharpness V x1
    - Sharpness III x2
    - Aqua Affinity I x3
    - Flame I x1
    - Fire Protection III x2
    - Feather Falling IV x1
    - Punch II x1
    - Knockback II x1
    - Respiration I x1
    - Power III x1

    Starting Bid: 3k

    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r

    Auction Ends: 24hrs after last valid bid
  2. Ummm.... could a mod fix the title to say [AUCTION] SC of enchanted books
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  3. Bid is invalid. Minimum bid increment = 500r
  4. I think this auction has ended.
  5. n
  6. This auction ended 24 hours after I bid 11k.
  7. Alright, DrewRadio has won this auction!! I will be on later to set up the chest :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.