[Auction +s] 6 Enchanted books

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  1. Item: 6 enchanted books; full information is in spoiler section.
    Opening bid: 8,000r (8k).
    Minimal bid increment: 1,000 (1k).
    Auction ending time: 24hrs after last valid bid.

    +s: This auction will be run under the "Shell bump rule" meaning it will only get bumped once per day, the only (optional) exception being the ending period of the auction.

    The items can be previewed in the 'auction chest' in my shop (/v 3544 on smp2, top floor), after the auction has a winner I will replace the preview sign with an access sign.


    The enchants are:
    1. Projectile Protection IV, Flame 1.
    2. Efficiency IV, Projectile Protection IV, Thorns II.
    3. Power IV, Knockback II.
    4. Knockback II, Thorns II.
    5. Smite III, Feather Falling IV.
    6. Fire Aspect II, Fire Protection IV, Aqua Affinity I.
    The better books are: 2 (2 enchants which apply to armor), 3 (both enchants apply to a bow) and 6 (2 enchants which apply to armor).

    Good luck and thanks for participating!
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  2. And here is the daily (evening) bump :)
  3. 8k
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  4. And here is the daily bump. We're also coming near the end of the auction :)
  5. Most likely the final bump for the auction as we've entered the ending period; approx. 3 hours to go. My team colleague PenguinDJ is in the lead with a solid 8k :)
  6. I can't get on until late Sunday or Monday. I'll pay then if that's okay. :)
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  7. No problem. I'll setup the access sign later today and you can then pay during pickup.
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  8. Thanks Shel! I've paid and picked them up. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.