[AUCTION] Rudolph Horse Promo

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  1. Auction for an exclusive Empire Christmas promo, Rudolph. Christmas in July!

    Item: Rudolph Promo Horse Egg

    Type: Horse
    Description: Brown None
    Speed: 120%
    Jump: 95%
    HP: 30

    Starting Bid: 1k

    Minimum Bid Increments: 500r

    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bad.

    To pick up, residence is 1758, on SMP1. You can also decide if you want delivery, if so just tell me your residence and server.
  2. 30k is the item new or used?
  3. The item has never been used before.
  4. You've won the auction at 70k! When you are ready, you can pay the money and pick up the item at res 1758 on SMP1.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.