[AUCTION] Redstone Mania

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  1. Just what the title says: become a redstone maniac with the items from this auction! Make a redstone contraption with these auction winnings and GO WILD. B-)

    Items include:
    DC of Redstone Ore
    DC of Nether Quartz Ore
    DC of Oak Wood Planks
    DC of Iron Ingots
    DC of Stone
    2 Enchanted Diamond Pickaxes with Efficiency V/Unbreaking III/Fortune III
    1 Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency V/Unbreaking III/Fortune III/Mending

    Starting Bid: 10k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1r
    Auction Ends: Sunday, September 3rd, 12:00am EMC time, with the last valid bidder before this deadline the winner!
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  2. I like red stone. 10k
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  3. Bump! Less than 48 hours remain...!
  4. 95k teehee
  5. soz 4 double post, but i think i won this? ^.^

    have 2 admit that i sniped auction, but i wanted this soo badly, lol!
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  6. Ye, AyanamiKun wins with 99k!

    Once payment is received, the chests shall be set up c:
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  7. Paid, picked up & super excited!

    thx again! ^.^