{Auction} REDO: Bob's Super Mega Enchantment Pack: 6 Picks, 3 Swords, and 2 Sets of Armor

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  1. What is in this pack?
    6 Diamond Picks:
    2012-06-09_10.39.30.png 2012-06-09_10.39.32.png
    3 Diamond Swords:

    1 Full Set of Diamond Armor:

    1 Full Set of Chain Armor:

    Every item is unused.
    Starting Bid: 8,000r
    Min Bid: 500r
    Ending Time: 24hrs after the last bid
    The items will be picked up at 8017 on smp4.

    Happy bidding!
  2. Really the picks don't work -.-

    Here are the enchants:
    The 6 picks:
    1. Fortune 3, Eff 5
    2. Silk Touch, Eff 4
    3. Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3, Eff 4
    4. Unbreaking 3, Silk Touch
    5. Check the pic
    6. Check the pic

    The 3 Swords:
    1. Knockback 2, Bane of Arthropods 5
    2. Bane of Arthropods 5
    3. Looting 3

    Diamond Armor:

    Helmet: Protection 4, Respiration 3
    Chestplate: Protection 4
    Leggings: Protection 4
    Boots: Protection 4

    Chain Armor:

    Helmet: Projectile Protection 4
    Chestplate: Fire Protection 4
    Leggings: Projectile Protection 4
    Boots: Protection 3
  3. i would bid but i enchant my own nowadays :p
  4. So do I :p
  5. So do I :p
  6. like a boss. Although i dont even use diamond armor i still need it.
  7. What do you need it for?
  8. a friend of mine loves diamonds so i thought i'd win him a auction like this. I put all rupees i had towards it.
  9. 22.5k

    Sorry. Auction King loves him some armour.
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  10. And Bob loves him some bids :p
  11. really dude? every time i do something nice someone shits on it. -.-
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  12. i know the point, but i was trying to get my friend something cause he has no rupees and wants this so badly.

    and i hate cake.
  13. Did you make a spawner?
  14. Nope.
  15. Hapoyshopper is in the lead with 27k
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  16. 90 k, for real
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