[AUCTION]Rare Independence Day Firework

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  1. Starting Bid:5,000 rupees
    Min. Bid Increments:100r
    Auction Ending time:24 hour after last VALID Bid
    Auction pick up: SMP9 18245
    Have Fun Bidding
  2. This is worth way more than 5 k come on people!
  3. Bud-ump
    C'mon People i Payed 20 K for this
  4. Bud-ump
    I thought you guys like fireworks?
  5. We like them, but there is so many in circulation, and every account got one for free.
  6. When did they get them free?
  7. i surely didnt
  8. Well this is for people who wanted one
  9. Bumpo
    Who can top rainbow chin?
  10. Uh they were free nearly everyone got one.
  11. Guess I won :)
    Shall pay shortly
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.