[Auction] Random Enchant Pack

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by nickjwolfe, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Random Enchant Pack
    (All tools and armor are made of diamond.)

    2x Efficiency 4 picks
    2x Unbreaking 3 picks
    2x Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 4 picks
    1x Silk touch 1 Efficiency 4 pick
    1x Silk touch 1 Efficiency 3 Unbreaking 3 pick
    1x Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 4 pick
    1x Fire Protection 4 Respiration 3 Helmet
    1x Protection 3 Chest Piece
    1x Projectile Protection 3 Leggings
    1x Protection 3 Boots
    1x Bane of Arthropods 4
    1x Bane of Arthropods 4 looting 2

    Starting Bid: 4000
    Minimum Bidding increments: 500
    The auction will end 48 hours after last bid
    The items in the auction will be picked up on my res #10317 after the payment is placed

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  2. 4000, I am boss
  3. 5k, Not as boss as me :)
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  4. This seriously isn't fair! Ur diamond!
    But I'll do u a favor and u can have this one,behave fun with the grand prize
    Good auction
  5. I won't be diamond for much longer. Don't worry, I'll hook you up.
  6. No. Lol
  7. I will win this auction after school my dear hayley.
  8. hayley is in the lead with 15.1k auction is continued till sunday unlesss another bidder come in
  9. 15.6k :)
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  10. I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT
    please conform this when you wake up then tell me how to claim my prize!
  11. Not yet jim its 48hrs after last bid your final bid was 27hrs ago at 8:15 you tomorrow morning is when it will be over
  12. you have one jimbo, once you log on you can come to my res and [ay then i will make up a sign for u to claim the items. its on smp5 res 10317
  13. I do believe you ment to write "won"

    Thats me bob_9251 keeping the forums safe from bad grammer. :)
Thread Status:
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