Auction problems!!!

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  1. I was in a auction a week ago, right. An I won. Now my alerts did not show up saying the user replied informing me that I won. Then he inbixed me. We have different timelines so I was asleep when he inboxed me. When I woke upi checked the website and replied to his inbox,, the auction WAS over ad I won it. The next day he informed me that I lost it? No,,I won it. This user cannot keep a auction going after someone won it! In the inbox he Sao once you've contacted me u get it. I replied ok.Can anyone help with this matter as he refuses to give me what I won in the auction
  2. thats bull, go to a moderator

    :EDIT: sorry about my langauge, im kinda angry right now
  3. O a mod after this.
  4. I'm gonna go to a mod after this * sorry. And tshack sorry about not making memorial yet. On h
  5. Holidays.*
  6. You know you can press "Edit" to fix your posts?
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  7. Yes I do.. I like commenting what of it
  8. lol
  9. Oh and guess what! He sent me a message, he said, listen I'm not abiding by the standard RUlES of auctions!!!!
  10. Are you still on holidays without access to minecraft? Or do you have access now?
  11. No I am still on holidays
  12. Nice, hope you enjoy them and come back revived and refreshed :)
  13. Shaun ur so wise... And pro, probz why u got mod... Could I be ur apprentice and I'll teach me everything u know???
  14. Haha that's why he left the thread lol
  15. Lol, you can be Padawan Smiley :D
  16. :D in a week can we talk on SMP 1 about beginning my training. Btw I'm serious about getting u to teach me all u know.
  17. Actually bout 3 days. Are u good at converting if so, that's on the list of my learning. ;)
  18. Soon
    I will be master smiley. More like in about 5 weeks haha
  19. After you win an auction. If you don't pick it up for a certain amount of time. The user re auctions it to the community. Did you mention that you were on holidays?