[AUCTION] Pot of Gold + Cupid Bow

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by EmoryCrafts, Apr 1, 2015.

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  1. Item: 1 Pot of Gold & 1 Cupids Bow

    Starting Bid: 22k
    Minimum Increase: 1k
    Pickup: I will mail to winner; please pay 100r mailing fee.
    End of Auction: 72 hours after last valid bid

    Good Luck!
  2. Starting bid changed from 25k to 22k by Staff!
  3. Invalid bid.
    Do you mean 25k?
  4. Bump! Still very cheap!
  5. Bump!
    Why does no one want super cheap promos?! xD
  6. i want 15k
  7. But you can't...
  8. Bump!
    Very cheap for two expensive promos!
    This is worth more than 23k!
  9. Very cheap still!
    Come and get it!
  10. Hey MoeMacZap:
    A few minutes ago, I mined down all my chests, leaving items on the floor.
    I didn't know about despawning so I lost all my items when I AFKed.

    Is it okay if I don't do this Auction?
    I'm so sorry.
  11. As I have investigated and find no evidence of your claim you are bound by this auction and must provide the items to the winner. I have consulted with Sr Staff on this matter and this is their call.
  12. WHATTTT?
    I mined my chests and most of my items despawned.
    I lost all my promos except for my Dancer, which was in the Stable at the time.

    Ask Weeh666 or Samsimx!
  13. We have spoken to weeh who confirmed that you did mention some items that had despawned, you then asked for the auction to be closed. Howver, this does not constitute proof that the items in this auction were among them, simply that's what you told weeh yourself. Now, even if we take all this as true and assume that the items were despawned, they were lost due to your own actions, if they were lost due to server error, we might have been able to help.
    As such, I'l have to ask that you honour the items in this auction, or face potential disciplinary action from the Marketplace forums.
  14. How might I get 2 promos in 1 day?
    I don't have the money either!

    What might "potential disciplinary action from the Marketplace forums" mean?
  15. This isnt gonna end well D:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.