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  1. Hi guys, im selling this to help raise any cash we can to help regenerate an outpost i run in the eastern wild of smp9. We have struggled with low player numbers, so with extra cash, we are hoping to make the area more appealing and every bid is a bonus. I know everyone probably got one, but every little helps and double the gold is always a help ! thanks Guys !:)

    Promo: Pot of Gold 2015 (St. Patricks day)
    Starting price = 2000r
    Minimum Bids = 200r
    THE AUCTION WILL END 24 HOURS after the last valid bid.
  2. 10,000r
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  3. You need to include a ending time or the auction is invalid, i'd change the new bids to minimum bid increase as well, so its clear too.
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  4. Op changed to make auction Valid

  5. Bump !! Dwight5273 is currently leading with a bid of 14,500r
  6. Sorry I'm a bit late, but delight has won the auction with a bid of 14,500r.
    I will transfer the item, when payment has been received
  7. God dam auto correct on iPhones ... I meant to say dwight
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.