[AUCTION] Pack with Tools and Weapons

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  1. Items: 1x Fire Aspect I, Smite III Diamond Sword
    1x Fire Aspect I, Bane of Arthropods III Diamond Sword
    1x Silk Touch I Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Unbreakning III, Efficiency III, Fortune II Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Power IV Bow
    1x Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Power I Bow

    Starting Bid: 1k.
    Minimum Bid Increasements: 100r.
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid.

    All of these tools and weapons in one awesome pack! If you win the auction you can pick them up at 523 smp1:)

    Let the bidding begin!

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  2. MissMadison910 in the lead with 1k!!
  3. 1111 Rupees
  4. thank you for bidding tomvanwijnen. you are in the lead
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  5. Anyone gonna bid higher?:p
  6. I hope not :p
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  7. lol:D
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  8. Bump lol:p
  9. anyone gonna bid higher
  10. Ah lol 1513
  11. :3
  12. Omg 1800
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