[AUCTION] Overstock Blowout! (Part 3C) 8 DC's of Eggs

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  1. Hello fellow EMCers,

    Welcome to my 20th auction! This auction is going to be for 7 DC's of Eggs.

    Chicken Eggs is another thing that I'm up to my ears on in stock and I need to get some of it out of my hair! The price will be cheap because, again, I need to get em' out of my hair.
    Again, I'm not counting on big $$$$ so if you take em' for free, that's fine with me. ;)

    Auction Pickup Information: Do "/v 10225 auction2" while connected to smp5. For security reasons, access signs won't be put up until I see that shavingfoam's EMC Shopkeeper that I downloaded verifies that I received payment.

    Item: 8 DC of Eggs
    Minimum Start Bid: 0r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 5r
    Auction Ends: Sunday, June 26th at 8:00 PM CDT (9:00 PM EMC Time)
  2. Sorry 54r
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  3. I left you with the flint, you won't give me the eggs? :p

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  4. Sure, I'll give you the eggs after this 88r bid :p
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