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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Hashhog, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Herro! Today I'll be auctioning a collector's item, a juicy Netherhound egg! Fresh from the chest, people! Get it while it's hot! Ok, enough lame jokes. I know, those were jokes? Anyway, on to bidding.

    Item: Netherhound Spawn Egg
    Starting Bid: 6,500 rupees
    Minimal Bid Increase: 250 rupees
    End Time: 48 hours after last bid
    Pickup: 8961, SMP4

    Thanks, and happy bidding!
  2. 6.5k That's one "Juicy" Bid!
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  3. C'mon, guys! Don't you want Filbert to go to a good home? Well, your good home? :p Yes, I unofficial named him Filbert. In my heart. Because it was awkward to just refer to that cute little egg as "Netherhound" all the time. So he is now Filbert.
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  4. I thought everybody wanted these. :p Apparently only the non-juicy ones. Bump! :D
  5. Would bid... But that auction end time :p
  6. Reserve one for me and pm me in case I forget
    I'll pay 2.25k for it btw :p
    Well what do you lose by bidding? Either you win for a way cheaper price than other auctions, or you just have to try again and lose a bit of time.
  7. Q: What did the Auction King say to all his horses and all his men?
    A: Bumpty Dumpty is here, and he's all put back together again!
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  8. Congrats to MasterDude13! You have won for 10,000r! Please pay and I will set up the chest once I receive the rupees. :)
  9. *cough* I'm waiting. :)
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