[Auction] One double chest of lava

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by guhenry3, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. Auction

    Starting price: 250r
    Minimum Increment: 100r
    Auction Ends 24 hours after final valid bid.

    Items: 1 Full Double Chest Filled With Lava

    Pickup: http://youtu.be/U6i2HVqnzuo
  2. Bu11dawg, It doesn't really take skill to trip over flat surfaces
    For example, you trip over your foot or shoelace.
    So your picture thingy doesn't make sense :p
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  3. Sorry buddy xD
  4. Once you've palced a bid you are held to that bid, perhaps you can try voting more often to bump up your rupee balance (if you don't already). When yopu bid in aan auction you shopuld consider you no longer own those rupees anymore until someone outbids you then you can't come into situations such as these.
    Lesson to learn:
    ~A bid in an auction is like lending money
    ~You don't have the money in hand, that is until someone outbids you.
  5. Also yes, the auctioneer can agree top ignoring that bid only if one of the previous bidders agree to pay so you may still have to work something out. You may get lucky though ;)
  6. Hopefully , thanks again.
  7. On the other hand, I've just noticed that my friend there did not post an end date to the auction. I'll get him to to dat, so you'll have a bit of time to earn back some cash. I advise you not to bid on more than 2 auctions at once.
  8. I only had 2
    auctions on bidding, which I was well and truely ok with, but got broke xD
  9. No problem ;) Good luck :D
  10. Bidding on 2 or more auctions at once isn't the issue. The issue is that when bidding the person does not acknowledge how many rupees they have left to put on offer. If the total amount of rupees places on any amount of bids is more than the amount the person has then they should not bid. This can be in one auction that is 100k or 10 auctions that are 10k each.
  11. Yeah it was a suggestion. Some ppl don't have good rupee managements...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.