[Auction] One Double Chest of Emeralds

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  1. 24 hours from last bid is the OP's timeframe. Last bid placed at 10:57pm Tues. By DenZee. Next bid placed at 12:57 am. 26 hours later. Tell me how that's not invalid.
  2. Merek is correct. This auction was over on wednesday - winner is DenZee. Thanks all :)
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  3. Check again, think again - from 10:57 PM to 12:57 AM are 2 hours, not 26.

    Marek is spamming auction thread and creating confusion.
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  4. What the.....I swear when I looked earlier the next bid said thursday :confused:
    That's so crazy. Anyhow, I looked again just now and this auction is still valid. Sorry :(
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  5. So did I win?
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  6. Yup lol :D
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  7. You have won this auction with a bid of 71,000 rupees! I'll set up an access chest at 16097@pickup on SMP8 as soon as I get on. :)
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