[Auction] One DC of Gold Ingots

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  1. Item: One DC of gold ingots
    Starting Bid: Free
    Minimum Bid: 1r
    Maximum Bid: 825,753,921r
    Ends 48 hours after the last bid

    Picture (I wonder if anyone will take a look at my inventory):

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  2. 1,000 rupees
  3. 5,000 rupees
  4. That max bid, 10k
  5. is this even legit? you have a slime block in your inventory! they don't come out until 1.8
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  6. wait starting bid was set at free and someone bid 1kas first bid?
    11.1k 11001
  7. you are obviously using a snapshot profile which means that this screenshot is not from empire minecraft, explain yourself.
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  9. photoshop?

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  10. 15k

    Silly snapshot :p
  11. why do you have command blocks
  12. 11501
    the way this auction is set up like the max bid and starting bid is funny XD
  13. scratch my last bid lol the website crashed last night
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