Auction of potions! for wither skeletons hunting.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by generalfelino015, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Hello , sorry for the other auction that was wrong, my apologies for that, okey the products are Fire resitence extended, Potion of healing level 2, and Swiftness potion extended, this three types of potions are each separate in two chests. The auctin will be begin with 800r. You have 5 days to bid. Thanks 2012-11-03_17.15.15.png 2012-11-03_17.15.21.png 2012-11-03_17.15.26.png
  2. Change of rules. You can bid one of this chest but you need to say what type of chest you want to buy and the amount of rupees you put. Sorry
  3. Sorry Bekalusa
  4. as you have placed all these items into the same auction they are all part of it and not to be auctioned separately. If you want them to be a separate auction then next time auction one at a time.
  5. As Dreacon stated, this auction must continue as stated in the original post.
  6. ok the rules will be the same as the begging. sorry obout that is because i am new in these
  7. Also, you need a more "set" time than 5 days. I can edit the main post for you, what time SPECIFICALLY (and time zone) do you want the auction to end in 5 days?
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  8. Just because I feel sorry for you, 900r
  9. Please Icecreamcow change me the days to 20 days please thanks men you are the best
  10. US time please
  11. You cannot change the time since it has started
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  12. you need to state what day and time zone...EST, PST, etc. that this auction will end using the original 5 days you mentioned.
  13. Lol
  14. 3k
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  15. just leave in 5 days
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  16. I dont care. 5k.
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