[Auction] Ocean's Deep Package

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  1. Items:
    • 2 DC Potions of Water Breathing (8:00)
    • 1 DC Potions of Night Vision
    • 1 DC Potions of Healing II
    • 1 Diamond Pickaxe
      • Efficiency V
      • Unbreaking III
      • Silk Touch
    Starting Bid: 1000 rupees
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after the last valid bid (time is short)
    Pickup: SMP6 /v +ahaus - [Preview] available on site*

    1.8 is upon us and so are Ocean Monuments!!!

    Are you prepared to tackle these new depths?

    Your gonna need to breath for a down in the ocean depths... You need these Water Breathing potions.
    It's very dark down there and you can hardly see anything... You need these Night Vision Potions.
    There are Guardians protecting the monument and their treasures... You NEED to Stay Alive.

    Once down there you want those new Sea Lanterns! You NEED a silk touch pick!

    You can have it all in this one stop shopping package!!!

    Threads are standing by below to take your very own personal BID on this lot.

    Good Luck, Have Fun And Happy Bidding! :)
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  2. 5,000r
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  3. 1000r
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  4. 5,100
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  5. 5100 Rupees.
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  6. 20000r
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  7. 6100
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  8. 10k
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  9. Smp6 here where we fight over friends auctions

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  10. Hmm some wrong bids here.

    Current winning bid is 20k by mccu0
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  11. oops, just followed the last one.
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  12. 22k
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  13. 30 k
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  14. 31k
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  15. 35 k
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  16. We have markethan13 with the high bid of 35000 rupees. Will he be taking this package to give him the edge with the new monuments or does someone else want his edge. Time will tell the tale. Only you can decide this fate.
  17. Only 3 more hours before markethan13 takes this Ocean's Deep Package. The package you need to get you started in 1.8 to take on the Monuments. Act now to get your bid in for this deluxe package.
  18. This auction is now concluded. markethan13 has the winning bid with 35,000 rupees. Access signs have been setup. please pay when picking up.
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