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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Leowaste, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. He posted that BEFORE I told him.
  2. Ahh yeah somehow I have some Minet too I have like 40k I think!
  3. The problem I think is that new people don't have this kind of money :/
  4. lol if u dont believe me go to my store, smp4,8998
  5. Guys dont buy (Sorry Leo). This is because in the new 1.3 update, it is easier to get enchantments. (ex: Mining = xp, highest xp is 30, etc.)
  6. My offer of 6.2k still stands.
  7. I think it is reasonable to buy or not. Leo worked hard to find the grinders and use them, give him some credit for this considering the current bid is still a bargain.
  8. Everyone. ICC explicitly states in his auction rules thread that all posts should be:
  9. are you kidding me?
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  10. I really hope you win it for this and established members back down
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  11. so much for that
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  12. *sigh*
  13. Leowaste I told you my reasoning. None of those will be of any personal gain to me except the joy of helping more newbies. I am TEYING for this set to split it between new members, so that not just one newbie has all this good stuff. "balancing" the lower class
  14. I understand the noble effort. But you have to see it from my point. I wanted to make an enchantment pack that new players could bid on. That new players could play an active role. Not for an established player to buy cheap and charity out. You do have a noble effort and I have respect for you. But, you have went against my pleads to fulfill your own charity. Yes you told me what you were doing, but i still didnt like my good will being taken over.
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  15. Well then, I will withdraw my bid, and allow Perer to take it.
  16. Too late. Cant withdraw.
  17. 6,700, since he cant withdraw
  18. You won. I am setting up a chest on smp2, v 3456. Brown floor. Please send payment, congrats and thank you!
Thread Status:
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