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  1. To start off, I have made this pack for a newer, less established EMC player. In it I have included a few advanced items that newer players would love to have but may not serve a purpose to others.

    Per EMC auction regulations I can not restrict specific people from bidding. Nor can I prove that each individual bidding even falls within the preferred parameters. I can however, plead to established members to not bid. If you are in a position to play a role in the regular auctions without breaking your bank you most likely fall within the "Established" criteria.

    You, as an established member, may find an item or two here that could be useful. Again, I plead for you to hold back your bids and allow a lesser established member to take part. For doing this, I thank you.


    Full set of Iron Armor
    Helmet - Projectile Protection III
    Chest - Protection II
    Leggings - Blast Protection III
    Boots - Protection II

    Full set of Diamond Tools
    Pickaxe - 1 x Unbreaking III, Efficiency III. 1 x Fortune II. 1 x Silk Touch
    Spade - 1 x Unbreaking III
    Axe - 1 x Unbreaking III

    Diamond Sword - Knockback II
    Bow - Power III (2 stacks of Arrows included)

    Everything is 100% Brand New.

    Starting Bid: 1 rupee
    Bidding Increments: 10 rupees
    Bidding End: 24hrs after last bid

    After auction the winner will get an access sign at my shop when payment is received. SMP2, V 3456, Brown floor.

    I will be unavailable most of Saturday and for the first part of Sunday. If the auction has ended around that time frame please be aware of my expected absence and be patient. If you wish to send payment while I am away, please pm me with the day and time payment was sent. Due to how busy my store is, it will be difficult to track down the payment without it.
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  2. All yours mate I think you should have it!
  3. It means I will hold back bidding :)
  4. oh ok thanks :)
  5. this auction is for new people like me
  6. It's just an auction for anyone, but the title is just that... :)
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  8. I cant deny any bids but again I ask well established members to hold back. Please :)

    thank you!
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  9. Sorry, I read it wrong to... :) sorry...
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  10. Im sorry :) i missed that part. Leo, you're doing a great job!
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  11. Bump. Extending ending bid time for 4 hours past the 24 limit due to website being down.
  12. im i still in the lead?
  13. 5000R - If I win let the new guy have the stuff, ill pay for it.
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