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  1. Items~Starter Armor all unbreacking 3, and finally Starter Axe Starter Sword Starter Shovel Stater Pickaxe all have unbreacking 3.
    Starting Bid~1r
    Minimum Bid increase~ 1k
    End Time~42 hours last valid bid
    Picture Link~http://imgur.com/SHWUjt9

    Perview at PrivateWillikers on smp2 res #4502
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  2. 11K.
    At first I thought you were auctioning a player :rolleyes:
  3. Bump will blondekid get away with starter armor and tools? Find out tonight.
  4. Sorry, but this auction is already over.

    (note: all times mentioned are from my timezone / pov).

    The auction ends 42 hours after the last valid bid. BlondeKid made his bid on Friday, 11th of March 19:14.

    In 48 hours the auction would be over later today at 19:14. But because it's 42 we need to subtract 6 hours. Thus the auction ended earlier at 13:14. Almost 2 hours ago.

    Making BlondeKid the winner with 13k.
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  5. ok i guess not really sure how all that works with minus 6 hours
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  6. Well: usually people end an auction 24 hours (1 day) or 48 hours (2 days) after the last valid bid. Your auction ended 42 hours (maybe you intended 48?). And there's a 6 hour gap between 42 and 48.
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  7. oh ya my bad math dosent always work when it is late so I get you now well anyway blondekid42 is winner once i reacive payment access will be granted
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  8. I will be online shortly ^_^
  9. Paid, waiting for access now
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