[AUCTION] (NEW) 16 DC of Level One Potions

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Anyone caught posting stuff about it been wrong will be reported so will you?

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  1. ou will be bidding on the DC of the finest potion from Smp3. Would you start bidding if you want to get the potions by the 17th April 2013.

    Positive Items You are bidding on:
    Water Bottles (None x 54)
    Award Potions (None x 54)
    Mudane Potions (None x 54)
    Extended Mudane Potions (None x 54)
    Thick Potions (None x54)
    Regeneration Potions (0: 45 x 54)
    Fire Resistance Potions (3:00 x 54)
    Speed Potions (3:00 x 54)
    Healing Potions (Instant x 54)
    Night Vision Potions (3:00 x 54)
    Strength Potions (3:00 x 54)
    Invisibility Potions (3:00 x 54)

    Negative Items You are bidding on:
    Poison Potions (0:45 x 54)
    Weakness Potions (1:30 x 54)
    Slowness Potions (1:30 x 54)
    Harming Potions (Instant x 54)

    Basic Rules:

    Starting Bid: 10,000r
    Reserve: 15,000r
    (bid must reach this or no items received)

    Min Bids Increases: 1,000r to 5,000r

    End time: 48 hrs after last valid bid.

    Payment rules:
    48 hrs to pay or banned
    Pick up at /v 6244 on SMP3
    one week to pick up or next highest bidder wins!
  2. Ok, I've never seen this "Reserve" thing before, but I'm pretty sure its not allowed.

    Second, you cant ban people for not paying after 48 hours, (well YOU cant ban anyone on your own :/) Believe it or not, people have lives :O

    And if someone pays within the deadline, that stuff belongs to them, you cant just give it to someone else who also has to pay and make a double profit.

    You also should have the 9000+ auction threads you have already made be closed

    Just a few of my observations :3

    (I could be wrong, but I think this guy needs auction lessons)
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  3. It's a little weird to say this, cause you can not ban people, and you can report them, but then they will get a warning from the staff first. Also, I don't know if a reserve is allowed.
    I hope I'm not ruining your auction again, but I'm just trying to help you.
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  4. well i mean report but the will probably get banned now bid plz (u dont have too)
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  5. As talukegord mentioned, reserves are not allowed. I also believe there is an official grace period for payments.

    In your last thread, you mentioned not having the items ready. The winner of that auction was five_star, and you are required to give them their winnings before starting yet another auction with identical contents
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  7. What are you trying to tell us? Using caps does not help you to be clear.
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  8. i am telling u firestar is not getting any potions and i am remakeing another auction for last time where he is highest bider
  9. No. Fire_star IS getting the potions, because he/she won. The rules don't allow you to not give the winner a prize, just because you don't like the price.
  10. the auctions is locked ur not the winnr and he will win the new auction any way (for 2,000) so sush
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  12. Go Jack Go!
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  13. As Jack has already said five_star won your previous potion auction. You should already have his potions ready for pick up in chests waiting for access signs to be added once he has paid.

    Once an auction has been won you are free to start another but need to ensure the items being bid on are kept separate from the previous auction. Most players have a set area for each auction if the auction consists of more than a single large chest.

    Reserves are not allowed, please start the auction at the minimum price you would accept to avoid disappointment.

    Closing thread.
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