[Auction] NetherRack

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  1. as you can see im auctioning off some netherrack due to my exesive minning but here it is

    Item: 1 DC NetherRack
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Min Bid Incr: 1r
    Time: 48hrs After Last Bid
    Pickup: My land

    Other Notes
    All the money made from this go directly to my community project ^.^
  2. 500r
    PM me if you need any donations for your community project:D I'd be glad to help
  3. well im going to close this early i will have the box at the back of my res with your name on it feel free to pick it up at anytime on smp8 /v 16367 project thank u
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  4. Can't end early
  5. Wait another 30 minutes then it's over :D