[AUCTION] Nether items and Obsidian

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  1. ITEMS: 3 DC's EACH:
    Magma Blocks
    Soul Sand
    Soul Soil
    Nether Bricks
    9 stacks of Nether Wart

    Starting Bid: 5k
    Minimum increase: 100 rupees
    Pick up and Preview: SMP7 /v 14584 dirt

  2. 105k

    Im sowwy pacific but i need the obby :D
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  3. Am I just dumb or does this auction not have an end time :oops:
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  4. Nope! Need to add an ending time Tbird :p
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  5. I'm sorry I forgot to put that in there 48 hours after last valid bid.
  6. 120k

    jokes on you dras but i grandly desire soul soil and soul sand
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  7. Browser went crazy, I meant to say
    "And I'm here just to annoy y'all .... kidding, of course :p"

  8. 160k

    fiiiiiine i just want some obsidian can a gal not mine for like 7 hours
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  9. I get just 1 DC of obisidian in 7 hours :p

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  10. 171k

    obsidian is a pure pain to deal with. please i need this.