[AUCTION] Nether Bundle; Beacons, Quartz, Brick

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Merek_Shadower, Aug 26, 2016.

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  1. Another Merek Package

    5 Beacons

    1 DC of Quartz FLAKES

    1 DC of Nether Brick Block

    You want this and you know it!!

    Starting bid 50k That's 50,000 little R's

    Bid increase 500R

    Auction ends 48 Hours after last bid I like... Er valid bid I mean.

    Pick up at /v +Merek on SMP2 use Auction Telepad to preview and pick-up.

    Thanks for bidding and or viewing!! Good luck to all!!
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  2. Bumperoonie ... Super cheap!!! Beacons alone are worth 60 to 75K What a STEAL!!!
  3. Bump. Steal of deal right here!!
  4. Bring on the shocks because this is a Bump. Who's gonna drive this prize home? Don't be left out, rev up those bids and hit the checkered flag 1st.

    Seriously tho, Thank You to everyone for viewing and bidding on this!!
  5. Bump this thread up to the top. Take a peek and make a steal from the Mod. Don't make it Breezy for the Man ;).
    Less than 24 hours remain.

    Thank you all, I Really enjoy these auctions!!
  6. Winner!!!! Way to go BreezyMan!!!

    Your bid of 80K took the prize!! Access signs will be set up on smp2 at /v +Merek Use the Auction telepad to your right. You can pay at pick up or before.

    Thank you everyone for viewing and bidding. Another bundle package is getting ready to be posted so stay alert!!!
  7. Paid and picked up. Nice doing business with you. Keep the tip... :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.