[AUCTION] [MT] Double Chest Of Iron Ingots

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Would You Want Material Trade To Go Public?

Yes! Please! I need it for my huge project 7 vote(s) 43.8%
Yes! Please! I need it to supply my store! 4 vote(s) 25.0%
Yes! Please! I like to Collect Double Chests of ________ 1 vote(s) 6.3%
No I think you should keep it Private 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes! But keep it invite only 4 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. Hello there!.
    This is Material Trade's First Auction.

    If You don't know Material Trade is one of my Companies that I founded some time ago.

    We basicly had many double chests of every item and Supply stuff to Stuff owned by BK Inc., JeanZNation, and JeanZ. Inc.

    Item: Double chest full of Iron Ingots

    Starting Bid:2,500r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 101r

    Estimated Value @ 6r per Ingot: 20,736r

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it

    Payment to be made to Jeanzl2000 upon action ending

    Auction can be delivered to a location of your choice once payment is received
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  2. 2500r
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  3. BUMP.

    C'mon People did you see this?:
    Estimated Value @ 6r per Ingot: 20,736r
  4. 2601r
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  5. 4000
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  6. Dunno where you got that from. Its 1.18634259259r per ingot at 4100r

    Also 4.1k
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  7. (64*54)*6=20,736
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  8. 4100/54=75.9259259259r per stack
    75.9259259259/64=1.18634259259r per ingot
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  9. to much math.....head...might......BOOM!
  10. You were both working out completely different things.
  11. 15,5k
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  12. Im sick so i cant see the screen on typgin we with my eyes closed but as far as i can tell he was trying to see how much the estimated cost per iron ingot was at the vurrent bid but i was saying how much it would cost if it was 4r per ingot
  13. I oppened my eyes i meant 6r an ingot
  14. This may or may not be me Bumping the thread
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