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  1. Stuffs: - 8x Diamond Silk Touch Picks
    - 1x Beacon
    - 1x Infinity 1 Enchant Book
    - 3x Projectile Protection Enchant Book
    - 1x BigDavie Signed Book
    - 1x Shaunwhite1982 Signed Book
    - 1x Tikiman678 Signed Book
    - 1x Krysyyjane9191 Signed Book
    Starting Bid:
    Minimum Bid Increase:
    Auction-End Time:
    24hrs after last valid bid
  2. 10k :D
    Fo teh tiki :3
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  3. If only I had the money for this
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  4. 15k
    signed bookz of luv
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  5. I forgot, I had the money, until johnsface bid.
  6. Ninja'd, I'm out :p
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  7. I say it is worth more than 32k. I have seen single books go for that much
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  8. thats why I bid 32,687, not just 32k o.0
    you gonna bid?
    I'd appreciate a quote if you do, I'd love to know instantly to outbid you o.0
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  9. I would if I had some "r". I have been spending a lot.of money on my mall chain. One on smp1, another on smp3
  10. bump! this is a steal right now!
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