[Auction] Mega Auction! (includs 2012 & 2013 empire fireworks)

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... 4 vote(s) 17.4%
Buddery pumkin pie! 16 vote(s) 69.6%
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  1. starting price: 50k
    minimum bid increase: 153r
    pickup my 2nd res smp3
    auction ends a week after last valid bid

    Dc of iron ingots

    Dc of ender pearls

    dc of paper

    dc of music disks

    dc of night vision

    dc of strength

    dc of instant health

    dc of fire resistance

    dc of regeneration

    dc of speed

    2013 empire firework

    independence day firework

    a enchanted pickaxe (unbreaking III fortune III)

    TWO stable vouchers

    and finally, the crem-dala-crem of this auction, the one you've all been waiting for:

    The 2012 empire firework <------------------------------------- LOOK!
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  2. bump
    come on guys! even the fireworks are worth more than that
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  3. -.- im starting to think im going to LOSE money with this auction
  4. Hold up. I thought I won this.
  5. No you bidded like 40 mins ago but you are in the lead now
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  6. It wasn't 40 minutes it was a week ago
  7. You bidded 42 mins ago
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  8. Im not on about you its unknown why are you speaking its not you
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  9. No I bid around 40 mins before you would win
  10. this auction is taking too long.
  11. MrUnknownian is correct, he bid a little less then an hour before you would have won this auction, so it is a legit bid.

    Current bid is 55k to cowland123, with about 6 days 19 hours remaining. :)
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  12. 66k
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